For No Particular Reason

For No Particular Reason on this particular night I sit and wonder at all that my heart and my mind’s eyes gaze upon in the corners of my thoughts.  And the question that asks, “What do you see?”, is now approaching to question me.  Open these eyes of mine and see true an answer to give.  For surely the question has seen the answer to the question being asked.   With eyes opened wide I see in every corner of my thoughts an imposing reality collapsing and falling in slow motion as if time has lost track of itself

The whole earth is trembling as humanity swallows itself into an ever darkening inward desolation of isolation.  I see vast whirlpools of emptiness.  Truth and lies, right and wrong, love and hatred, good and evil, all collide in a violent storm of chaos. Relentlessly pounding as hailstone every head with confusion, pain, fear, and turmoil at the utter corruption of utterly everything.  Crashing waves of a reality sweep through my being and fear whispers that I am drowning in the mighty current of this world’s reality.  Being pulled under by the cutting current that is this self’s reality.  From the legions of perceptions, “Give up truth for a truth other than that truth you know.”, and breath in deeply.  And so I breath in deeply.  For self-preservation. Of course. My lungs are filled with an air. I am breathing. Eyes blinking.

And in the moment of a blink of my eyes, lightning bolts shatter across the black billowing skies.  Illuminated in blinding flashes the fullness of corruption’s curse upon the whole of this everything before the face of my mind and heart.  Blinding strobes of light flashing beneath rolling black skies filled with a heavy gloom giving already  glimpses of the looming storm even mightier than the storm that even is.  Towards what way shall I see if before my eyes there appears to be no escaping the truth of everything that is before my eyes.  My answer to the question.

Search these eyes of mine heart and of my mind through the dark and shadowy flashes for the place I am of before the birth, the revelation knowledge, of this world that I am not of yet in.  I breath deeply a pungent decaying air that knows illness, pain, sorrow and death.  The scorched emotions from fear, hatred, hopelessness, lust, murder, self-love burn in my nostrils and on my lips.  And it is this that sears my lungs to sustain until sustenance no longer is.  Each crack of the streaks of lightening leaves me trembling and disoriented with moments of blindness. Stumbeling through the thick shadows of circumstances that must be gone through.  Roaring thunder shakes the ground beneath my feet and I reach out grasping for something, anything to keep from falling.  Again.


Multitudes of people, like the sands along the oceans, blind from the same darkness of this world’s raging storms of destruction, reach outward into a black nothing.  Grasping at the dark void for anything.  Stumbling in the mud and mire that pulls against each step the ground beneath my feet is never quite solid and always is sinking into itself. This the ground I am walking or sinking is where we gather in a thick fluid like mindedness. Here we are together in thought.  And we isolate ourselves here out of the fear of being  isolated by others.  Out of our fears eyes we see the vague appearance of light. Cloaked in a heavy garment covered with the putrid stench and black mire of this place I walk.  Self is first to be seen.




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